Wednesday, January 9, 2013

What Is Your Favorite Perfume?

My favorite perfume is the Chloe perfume. This is my all time favorite! I have a lot of perfumes but my hand always reach out to this bottle.  It has a musky floral scent, and it just so addictive. 

Tell me what is your favorite perfume. :)

I do have a complain about this perfume though. The metal part of the bottle will have oxidation after you open the package. The perfume cost a lot of money, I figure they would not have this problem. Maybe this is what they intended to happen? Well... It still smells nice.

 If you have this perfume, do you have the same problem?

If you want to see what other people have to say about this perfume and want a better description, you can click on this link


  1. I have to say I love vanilla based and oriental scents... I adore Margot Elena's TokyoMilk Dark Tainted Love and Tocca's Brigitte

  2. Not sure if my last comment got through.

    But check this site out. Tells you how to solve your oxidation problem:) worked well for me.