Sunday, January 27, 2013

Update on How Long Does Nailuv Gel Polish Last

I want to do an update on how long the gel polish last on me. Before anything, I want to let you all know I apply my gel polish differently than most people. I do not put bonder before I apply my polish. The reason is because I found that it's more difficult to take the polish off when I use bonder. I do file the surface of my nails a little bit so the polish won't chip the next day. Also I do not like my polish to stay on more than 2 weeks. When I don't use any bonder I am able to peel it off when it chips instead using acetone to soak them off. 

Some of you might ask Why do I use gel polish instead of regular polish then. I personally like the high shine of gel polish, also it still stays on longer compare to regular polish . Regular polish normally only last about 4 days on me, then it will starts to chip off. By day 6  I will need to remove my nail polish completely. The regular nail polish only last about 7 days if I avoid cleaning the house and washing dishes as much as possibe. With gel polish I don't worry about that.



Left hand

Right hand


Left hand

Right hand

I can now easily peel my gel polish off without soaking them with acetone. You can also see on my thumb nail that the gel polish didn't damage my nails. I might wait for another two days before I peel them, or maybe I will get bored in class and start peeling them off. :D

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