Monday, January 14, 2013

Maze By Gordon Ramsay

Today is the first day of Restaurant Week, and I went to Maze for lunch. To be honest I was not impressed by their food or their customer service, and I think it's overated. The atmosphere and decorations are not that great either. The food was okay... but I think there are many other good restaurants in NYC I rather spend my money on. Also I think the purpose of Restaurant week is to attract more first timers and bring them back to their restaurant, but I feel the servers neglected our table because we were ordering from the Restaurant Week Menu.  For example; They would walk by and see that our brand basket is empty then walk away. Many servers walked pass our table and never stop to ask if we need anything. Our table remained empty for quite a long time until I stopped a waiter and asked him to bring us some bread. Well... enough complains, here are some photos. I hope you find my review helpful.

6 small pieces of bread for 3 people

Appetizer- Smoke Trout Salad

Although this didn't taste bad, but I didn't taste anything like smoke... the texture is like tuna salad. 

Main Course- Risotto 

This is actually very tasty. It has a hint of champagne with parmesan cheese in it.

Black Cod

If you like your fish simple, you might like this. It is a little blend to me and very oily. Oh, the portion of the fish is about 2 oz. If you order this, tell them to keep the bread coming. LOL :P

Dessert- Coconut Mousse

This is very light and the sorbet is very smooth.

Chocolate Ganache Tart

The peanut butter ice cream is very unique. It is very smooth, light and not sweet at all. The chocolate in the tart is too overwhelm and after 2 small bites I don't want it anymore.

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