Sunday, January 20, 2013

Merry Mermaid & Hit The Jackpot From Nailuv

I am the type of girls that always go for the safe colors when it comes to nail polish, but after seeing the tiffany green color I wanted to give it a try. I wanted to add a little bit bling so I used the shimmery gold   color on my ring fingers. Tell me what do you think?

I also found that the tiffany green color have a little bit of glitter in it as well. Some of you might like the  glitter, some might not. If you like the glitter to show, after the 2 coats of color you already cured, you can wipe it with alcohol before you put the top coat on. I find this will make the glitter show more and it will make it more shimmery. I did it on my thumb nails because I put stickers on them, and my thumbs show more shimmer than the rest. 

Another tip when you want to do nail design on your nails. If you want to use sticker designs and put gems on your nails, always wipe your nails with alcohol before you apply your stickers and gems. After you applied them, then you can apply the top coat to protect them from coming off and  to secure them to be in place. 

I also did my mom's nails today and I did french tips on her. She loves it and it makes me so happy. you can see what colors I used below. 

... and here are my nails


  1. I need a nice gold glitter, now I know what color I'm holding out for! Hit the Jackpot looks great!

    I also love your tip for wiping the nail down with alcohol to make the shimmer pop out more--it makes sense, but it's something I probably never would have thought of on my own.

    1. Hi gelli fied, Thank you for your comment!

      I never would of know wiping the nail with alcohol would makes the glitter pop out as well. I realized it after I had to wipe it to put stickers on. and now only my thumbs show glitters LOL. I did that because if I do not wipe it to put stickers on, the stickers don't stay in place. There is like a coat of oil or whatever that is that make the nails very sticky.