Sunday, April 21, 2013

It's Been A While

I had been meaning to post something on my blog, but I've been lazy and busy with work as well. For now, please enjoy this music video below. I recent discovered this artist on youtube, and I like his singing.

Monday, January 28, 2013

I Found It! Tiffany & Co. Pearl Bracelet

I think every girl should have a pearl bracelet and necklace set in their wardrobe. What do you think? 

I've been looking for a perfect pearl bracelet for a long time, and I finally found it!

 A little while ago I went into the Mikimoto store with a friend just to look around because I know they have beautiful pearls. They certainly have exquisite pearls, but it is way too expensive. 

I have difficult times finding one because I need 7.5'' long bracelet and want the pearl size to be decent. Most of the pearl bracelet I saw normally are 7''. Today I was browsing on tiffany's web site and found out their pearl bracelet came in different sizes for this style, and I think I have found it! Now I just have to work toward it, hehee.

This one is exactly what I am looking for 7.5'' long 9-10mm

What size do you perferred?

7''long 5-6mm

7'' long 4.5-5mm

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Update on How Long Does Nailuv Gel Polish Last

I want to do an update on how long the gel polish last on me. Before anything, I want to let you all know I apply my gel polish differently than most people. I do not put bonder before I apply my polish. The reason is because I found that it's more difficult to take the polish off when I use bonder. I do file the surface of my nails a little bit so the polish won't chip the next day. Also I do not like my polish to stay on more than 2 weeks. When I don't use any bonder I am able to peel it off when it chips instead using acetone to soak them off. 

Some of you might ask Why do I use gel polish instead of regular polish then. I personally like the high shine of gel polish, also it still stays on longer compare to regular polish . Regular polish normally only last about 4 days on me, then it will starts to chip off. By day 6  I will need to remove my nail polish completely. The regular nail polish only last about 7 days if I avoid cleaning the house and washing dishes as much as possibe. With gel polish I don't worry about that.



Left hand

Right hand


Left hand

Right hand

I can now easily peel my gel polish off without soaking them with acetone. You can also see on my thumb nail that the gel polish didn't damage my nails. I might wait for another two days before I peel them, or maybe I will get bored in class and start peeling them off. :D

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Another Haul With Nailuv Gel Polish

In my pervious post, I said that I am on the safe side when it comes to nail colors. What I meant is that I have a lot of colors that are in different shades of red and pink. I wanted something different and bought some colors that I normally will not go for. Surprisingly I love these colors!!

I did not photoshop the pictures below. By doing that I hope it can shows the true color of the polish. I also hope that it can helps you find the perfect color. Because I understand that when purchasing a nail polish online is difficult. You might not know how the color look like in person and end up wasting money. I have bought some other colors beside these that I am showing today. If you want to know how other colors look like, please check my older post and let me know which color you would like to see. I will gladly take some photos for you.


Hit The Jackpot

Pink Elephant

What's Up

Merry Mermaid

Love Power

Dynamic Duo

Merry Mermaid & Hit The Jackpot From Nailuv

I am the type of girls that always go for the safe colors when it comes to nail polish, but after seeing the tiffany green color I wanted to give it a try. I wanted to add a little bit bling so I used the shimmery gold   color on my ring fingers. Tell me what do you think?

I also found that the tiffany green color have a little bit of glitter in it as well. Some of you might like the  glitter, some might not. If you like the glitter to show, after the 2 coats of color you already cured, you can wipe it with alcohol before you put the top coat on. I find this will make the glitter show more and it will make it more shimmery. I did it on my thumb nails because I put stickers on them, and my thumbs show more shimmer than the rest. 

Another tip when you want to do nail design on your nails. If you want to use sticker designs and put gems on your nails, always wipe your nails with alcohol before you apply your stickers and gems. After you applied them, then you can apply the top coat to protect them from coming off and  to secure them to be in place. 

I also did my mom's nails today and I did french tips on her. She loves it and it makes me so happy. you can see what colors I used below. 

... and here are my nails

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Gotham Bar and Grill

You can tell I am really taking advantage of Restaurant Week. Today I went to a Michelin Star restaurant Gotham Bar and Grill to celebrate my friend's birthday.  Comparing my experience yesterday with Maze, I am extremely impressed by Gotham Bar and Grill. To sum it up, I had a great time. The customer service, ambiance and food were great!

Appetizer- Sunchoke Soup

I liked it a lot. It was creamy, smooth, and tasteful. If you don't mix the sauce, every spoon you enjoy will have different taste. 

Grilled White Tuna

The tuna was perfectly seared, and very fresh.

Main Course-  Slow Cooked Chicken Breast

The name might sound boring to you, but definitely not the taste. The chicken was very tender and juicy.

Pan Rosted Salmon

It was perfectly seared, not oily and tasted very good with the vegetable and sauce.

Dessert- Carmel Panna Cotta

It was not too sweet and it balanced very well.

Orange Parfait 

I didn't have it so I cant comment, but my friends said she enjoyed it very much.

Monday, January 14, 2013

Maze By Gordon Ramsay

Today is the first day of Restaurant Week, and I went to Maze for lunch. To be honest I was not impressed by their food or their customer service, and I think it's overated. The atmosphere and decorations are not that great either. The food was okay... but I think there are many other good restaurants in NYC I rather spend my money on. Also I think the purpose of Restaurant week is to attract more first timers and bring them back to their restaurant, but I feel the servers neglected our table because we were ordering from the Restaurant Week Menu.  For example; They would walk by and see that our brand basket is empty then walk away. Many servers walked pass our table and never stop to ask if we need anything. Our table remained empty for quite a long time until I stopped a waiter and asked him to bring us some bread. Well... enough complains, here are some photos. I hope you find my review helpful.

6 small pieces of bread for 3 people

Appetizer- Smoke Trout Salad

Although this didn't taste bad, but I didn't taste anything like smoke... the texture is like tuna salad. 

Main Course- Risotto 

This is actually very tasty. It has a hint of champagne with parmesan cheese in it.

Black Cod

If you like your fish simple, you might like this. It is a little blend to me and very oily. Oh, the portion of the fish is about 2 oz. If you order this, tell them to keep the bread coming. LOL :P

Dessert- Coconut Mousse

This is very light and the sorbet is very smooth.

Chocolate Ganache Tart

The peanut butter ice cream is very unique. It is very smooth, light and not sweet at all. The chocolate in the tart is too overwhelm and after 2 small bites I don't want it anymore.